Custom-made Courses

All the courses and the material used in our training are written and designed by Bodenseo. We don't use any "ready-made material".

Python Courses

All our Python courses are held by Bernd Klein.
If you are a novice in programming and if you don't have any or hardly any knowledge in any other programming language, the Python Training Course for Beginners is most probably the right course for you. For those with more experience, we offer a Python Training course for Intermediates
There is a special seminar for those interested in data mining and text classification: Python Text Processing Course The good thing about Python is that it runs independent of the operating system, i.e. it runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS.


Bodenseo offers a wide range of Perl courses as well:
The Fundamentals of Perl is targetting the beginners. Perl for Programmers is - as the name implies - the right seminar for those who have experience in other programming languages.
If you are in doubt, which might be the right Perl course, we recommend the Overview of our Perl courses. Besides this, we are glad to assist you by email or by phone to find the appropriate course.

Java, C and C++

Besides Python and Perl we offer many other programming languages - including Lisp - as well. Overview of programming language courses

Linux Courses

Of course, you can learn all about Linux as well at Bodenseo. It's best to consult our Overview

Programming Courses

Education as a Continuous Process

"The more I learn, the more I realize I don't know", Einstein once said in the tradition of Socrates' "I know that I know nothing". Both Sokrates and Einstein believed in the necessity of life-long learning and continuous education.

Computer and Programming Skills

Contrary to philosophers, the common man or woman is usually not interested in pure value-free learning, but has to direct his or her élan to topics, which are in highest demand in the labour market. Definitely, computer skills are a must for man and women in the job market. There is hardly any company, who doesn't use computers in some way. Brushing up their computer and programming skills is a must not only for Computer Scientists, Engineers, System Analysts, Administrators, Statistician, Mathematicians, Database Analysts and other highly trained employees. But what are the programming languages in the highest demand in the market place nowadays? According to the renowned "TIOBE Programming Community Index", the top 10 of programming languages in February 2011 are the following languages:
  1. Java (1)
  2. C (2)
  3. C++ (4)
  4. Python (7)
  5. PHP (3)
  6. C# (6)
  7. (Visual) Basic (5)
  8. Objective-C (12)
  9. JavaScript (10)
  10. Perl (8)
Java is leading with a rating of 18.48 % of skilled engineers world-wide. Though C++ went up to the impressive third place, it lost 1.26 % in rating in just one year to 8.19 %.

Python, the Shooting Star

The top ten of programming languages teaches is one thing for sure: The shooting star of the programming languages is Python. It improved his ranking by three ranks and increased its ranking by 2.72 % and there are now nearly 3 times as many skilled engineers using Python than Objective-C.

Python is the programming language with the highest potential: It's the programming language with the highest demand in industry and in the academic world, and above all Python belongs to the preferred programming languages at Google. All this means, that the demand for Python programmers will be on the rise in the future as well.

The Best Trainings

Bodenseo has specialized on Python and offers the optimal training courses:
  • 28 Python courses in the year 2013
  • Satisfied customers from the United States, Canada and eleven European countries, i.e. Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, and Britain.
  • Optimal teaching material, matured in hundreds of courses
  • Hands-on Exercises
  • Further good reasons can be found on our Python courses overview.

Operating Systems

Over the last few years Linux is continually growing. First of all it has grown tremendously in quality. The installation process has turned into a cakewalk. Installing new application has become a child's play as well. Contrary to other operating systems, the system will stay in a consistent state, regardless how many programs or applications you install or deinstall. But Linux has grown in other areas as well: It is the fastest growing operating system in market shares. But there is one absolute term, which never rises: There are no viruses threatening the system.
So has the demand for qualified Linux specialists.
Bosenseo offers the right course for every requirement. It's a lot easier to attend a training class for a few days and to let a specialist explain in a few seconds what might take you hours to understand on your own.
The learning experience in our courses means more than just lecture slides.

The fees of our 5-day courses include tuition, accommodation in a four-star hotel on the shores of Lake Constance and special leisure time offers.
Our main focus is to establishing an optimal learning environment. Learning and fun are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, people who feel satisfied with the atmosphere learn faster and above retain what they have learnt. Our Linux courses take place in one of the most beautiful regions in Germany. The water of Lake Constance at your feet and the Alps in view plus the easy to comprehend and appealing courses of Bodenseo insure successful learning.

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