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Seek, and ye shall find!

"Google, and ye shall find!" is the modern version you will not find in the Bible but at Google.

We are all in searchers of things, but you want to be found! You are on the other side of a Google search, i.e. you want the website of your company or organization to be found. You even want more: You want it to be found by the right people, new customers.

We can show you, how you can significantly improve your ranking so that potential customers shall find your company website rather than those of your competitors! Above all, you want your website to rank higher than competitors in the search results for your products.

It makes no sense to design a posh website if it cannot be found by any search engine. The first step is to have your website indexed by Google otherwise its traffic will be close to zero. After this you have to improve your rankings so that potential customers can actually find your site as one of the first hits in the customers' search.

There is no magic involved in improving your Google ranking, the fundamental ideas are even described by Google. However, there is a lot to be considered, so that you don't fall into disgrace and oblivion! There are "many slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" you can fall prey, if you choose your way through search engine optimisation without professional help.

The best way to insure that the Googlebot likes your website is to employ the expertise of a specialist. As Bodenseo knows how Google operates inside and out, it can achieve desired results without stooping to use tricks or loopholes.

Ethical search engine optimization

Also called: "white hat search engine optimization"
Ethical search engine optimization is the process of improving the ranking of a website through techniques and strategies that search engines deem acceptable and correct. In other words, SEO without exploiting loopholes of Search Engines, such as hidden text, keyword stuffing, masquerading advertisements, rendering different content to human visitors and to spiders, and so on.

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