Programming has lots of facets: It's not as many people think a synonym for writing a computer program. Programming means writing a program or a script, but it also stands for testing, debugging and maintaining programs.

A programm has to be written in a programming language. We teach the most widespread programming languages such as Perl, Python, Java, C, C++, Lisp, Tcl/Tk and Shell Programming. We don't want to teach everything, just what is best for you and what we are best at.

Programming courses

  • Programming in C on Linux

    Programming in C is a three to five days course that covers the fundamentals of the C language for trainees without programming experience. This seminar provides a comprehensive introduction to the ANSI C standard. Students are introduced to all major language elements. Comprehensive hands on exercises reinforce the key concepts.
    Dates: Dieser Kurs findet bei ausreichender Teilnehmerzahl statt. Bitte geben Sie uns unverbindlich ihr Interesse an dieser Perl-Schulung kund.
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  • C++ Programming Course

    C++ has been one of the premier object-oriented languages since it has been created. This course is a pragmatic and systematic approach to software development and the principles of well-designed object-oriented programs in the C++ programming language will be taught. Participants will learn the concepts of data abstraction, abstract interfaces, and polymorphism. Former participants assured us, that we have the right mixture between theoretic lectures and programming examples and exercises. We don't use a Microsoft or Borland integrated development environment, but concentrate instead on the tools provided by a Linux operating system. This means, that we are using the GNU C++ compiler. The relationship between C and C++ is outlined in this course as well. and the course includes a thorough overview of C syntax. Hands on exercises are performed throughout the training to deepen and intensify the topics of each training unit.
    Dates: Dieser Kurs findet bei ausreichender Teilnehmerzahl statt. Bitte geben Sie uns unverbindlich ihr Interesse an dieser Perl-Schulung kund.
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  • C and C++ Programming for Linux

    The aim of this course is to provide a solid introduction to programming in C and C++ and to presents an overview of the fundamental principles and constraints that affect the way in which the C and C++ programming languages have been designed and are used. Hands on exercises are performed throughout training to reinforce key concepts of each training unit.
    Dates: 6/Dec/2021 - 10/Dec/2021
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  • Lisp Course for Beginners

    Lisp is a programming language with a long history - it's actually one of the oldest languages - and the reputation of being very sophisticated. A rep accompanied by the anxiety that it is hard to learn, too hard some think. This is a course that simplifies the study of Lisp. Lisp the easy way!
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  • Advanced Shell Programming

    A training course for power users and system administrators who want to learn Linux shell programming. Participants learn the programming skills and have the opportunity to practice them in many useful exercises. The course is based on the bash shell, but the differences to other shells like the Korn and the C-Shell will also be dealt with.
    Dates: 21/Jun/2021 - 25/Jun/2021
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  • Linux Shells for Beginners

    Learning shell programming, using the Bourne Again Shell, better known as bash.
    Dates: 6/Dec/2021 - 10/Dec/2021
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  • Tcl/TK under Linux

    Tcl and TK are is the ideal choice for a wide range of applications, such as desktop, web applications, administration, networking and testing, just to name a few.
    This Tcl/TK course provides a hands-on introduction to the scripting language Tcl (Tool Command Language) and the graphical user interface Tk. The seminar is enriched by numerous real-world exercises and examples.
    Dates: 6/Dec/2021 - 10/Dec/2021
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  • Ruby Class for Beginners

    Of course, the name Ruby was chosen, because it was meant to be a gem under the scripting languages. But another reason, maybe the main reason, was the allusion to the scripting language Perl.

    This training course covers the fundamentals of the Ruby language for beginners with hardly or no knowledge in Ruby programming. The training material is enriched with lots of exercises and examples.
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The fees of our 5-day courses include tuition, accommodation in a four-star hotel on the shores of Lake Constance and special leisure time offers; for many areas, e.g. London, the flight up to a maximum of 150,- Euro is included as well.
New: We are offering our courses in Switzerland (Zurich) and France (Paris and Strasbourg) as well!
Our main focus is to establishing an optimal learning environment. Learning and fun are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, people who feel satisfied with the atmosphere learn faster and above retain what they have learnt. Our Linux courses take place in one of the most beautiful regions in Germany. The water of Lake Constance at your feet and the Alps in view plus the easy to comprehend and appealing courses of Bodenseo insure successful learning.

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