Search Engines and Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving, i.e. maximizing, the quantity, i.e. the number of visitors and above all quality of traffic (the right kind of visitors) to a web site from search engines via "natural" ("organic") search results as opposed to search engine marketing (SEM) which deals with paid inclusion.

Customized Seminars

For groups of three or more participants we can arrange seminars, tailored to meet your requirements and for more than three participants it might be profitable to book an in-house course at your offices. Please contact us to discuss the details.

SEO courses

  • SEO Training Course

    SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing websites to achieve a high or higher ranking on the most important search engines, especially Google, for search words or phrases, which are in the focus of interest of the website owner. Visitor traffic to websites can be obtained by links from other websites, paid ads or through search engines. SEO training is a business investment that will pay for itself. This training course covers the basics of search engine optimization. Participants will be introduced to the concepts of how major search engines operate and will learn how to optimize their own and their customers’ websites.
    Dates: 24/Feb/2025 - 28/Feb/2025
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  • PHP and SEO Course

    Do you want your company's website to be more visible on the web? Do you want to your website to appear before your competitors’ in the search engine results? First of all, you need a website which is attractive to your customers. But if you are not aware of search engines’ requirements, your website will be lost in cyberspace. When designing and creating a new website, it’s highly recommended to consider the aspects of search engine optimization (SEO). We offer a combined search engine optimization and programming course for beginners in PHP that will help you to make your website more dynamic, appealing, and, most important, more easily found!
    Dates: Dieser Kurs findet bei ausreichender Teilnehmerzahl statt. Bitte geben Sie uns unverbindlich ihr Interesse an dieser PHP-Schulung kund.
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  • Sparkle SEO Course

    When a company wants to attract customers on the internet, it’s not enough to just have a website. The overall design, use of legal terms, content and structure are important aspects of website creation. But, above all, the use of techniques that generate a high recognition ranking by search engines ensures that a website will be found by the greatest number of potential customers. If a website isn’t readily found by search engines, and, in the long run, by potential customers, all the other aspects are of little importance. This course deals with all the various facets of websites, but the main focus is on search engine optimisation (SEO). We will show you how you can design your website so that it is found easily and listed before your competitors’ in the search engine results.
    Dates: Dieser Kurs findet bei ausreichender Teilnehmerzahl statt. Bitte geben Sie uns unverbindlich ihr Interesse an dieser SEO-Schulung kund.
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The fees of our 5-day courses include tuition, accommodation in a four-star hotel on the shores of Lake Constance and special leisure time offers; for many areas, e.g. London, the flight up to a maximum of 150,- Euro is included as well.
New: We are offering our courses in Switzerland (Zurich) and France (Paris and Strasbourg) as well!
Our main focus is to establishing an optimal learning environment. Learning and fun are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, people who feel satisfied with the atmosphere learn faster and above retain what they have learnt. Our Linux courses take place in one of the most beautiful regions in Germany. The water of Lake Constance at your feet and the Alps in view plus the easy to comprehend and appealing courses of Bodenseo insure successful learning.

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