Advanced Shell Programming

A training course for power users and system administrators who want to learn Linux shell programming. Participants learn the programming skills and have the opportunity to practice them in many useful exercises. The course is based on the bash shell, but the differences to other shells like the Korn and the C-Shell will also be dealt with.

Target Group:
Participants should have experience with at least one other programming or scripting language.

  • Concepts of advanced Shell Scripting
  • Working with Files from within Shell Scripts
  • advanced regular expressions
  • the art of the command prompt
  • SED, AWK and Shells in cooperation
  • shell environments

  • From Mon, 6th Feb, 2017 until Fri, 10th Feb, 2017 (5 days)
  • From Mon, 22nd May, 2017 until Fri, 26th May, 2017 (5 days)
  • From Mon, 4th Sep, 2017 until Fri, 8th Sep, 2017 (5 days)
  • From Mon, 6th Nov, 2017 until Fri, 10th Nov, 2017 (5 days)

Duration of the course:
5 days

The fees for this Programming course per day:

Toronto, Canada:
$464 per day (exclusive of HST)
Lake Constance, Hemmenhofen, Germany:
€329 per day (exclusive of VAT)
plus € 90 for full board and lodging in 4 star hotel
Berlin, Germany:
€355 per day (exclusive of VAT)
London, England:
£355 per day (exclusive of VAT)


The price comprises:
  • Handouts,
  • book on shell programming
  • board and lodgings in a beautiful 4-star hotel right on the shores of Lake Constance

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