Django Python Web Application Framework

This course has been held as an online training course since March 2020. Further Information!

A training course for developers and system administrators who want to learn the Django Python web application framework. Participants learn how to install and configure the framework and have the opportunity to practice in many useful exercises. The course is based on Django and Python on Linux, but the differences to using the framework on Windows will also be dealt with.

Target Group:
Participants should have some experience with working at an operating system shell command line. Experience with Linux and Python would be helpful.

  • Background, history, and evolution
  • Architecture and basic theory of operation
  • Python and WSGI
  • Installation from the Debian/Ubuntu repositories
  • Installation from pypi using pip
  • Manual installation
  • Default directory structure
  • Projects
  • Applications
  • Built-in HTTP server
  • Database connectivity
  • Database access control
  • Model-View-Controller (MVC)
  • Models
  • Database objects
  • Views
  • Templates
  • The admin app
  • Application access control
  • Apache WSGI configuration using mod_wsgi
  • Apache WSGI and FastCGI configuration using mod_fastcgi and flup
  • Logging
  • Performance tuning

Lecturer: Keith Brown


The fees for this Python course per day:

€414 per day (exclusive of VAT)
Toronto, Canada:
$580 per day (exclusive of HST)
Lake Constance, Hemmenhofen, Germany:
€414 per day (exclusive of VAT)
plus € 139 for full board and lodging in 4 star hotel
Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin (Germany):
€442 per day (exclusive of VAT)
Zurich and Geneva (Switzerland):
£442 per day (exclusive of VAT)

The price of this course includes participation in the seminar and board and lodging in a 4-star hotel located at Lake Constance.
The price comprises:
Comprehensive course materials.

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