SQL and Python

This course has been held as an online training course since March 2020. Further Information!

This hands-on class covers all the basics of relational databases, like SQL and MySQL. At the end of the course participants will be able to design and maintain databases in MySQL and other SQL based databases. Participants will also be familiar in querying, retrieving filtering and sorting information from existing databases. Additionally, a short introduction in Python and the SQL interfaces of Python is provided.
Though the course is based on MySQL, it is a general SQL course without using any MYSQL specific features.

Target Group:
This is the right course for those who want to use SQL under Python and are novices concerning SQL / MySQL and have a little knowledge of programming or in Python.

Our other SQL-Course:
SQL content:
  • History of datbases and SQL
  • SQL vs. MySQL
  • The basics of relational databases
  • Create Databases
  • Organize Data into Tables
  • Primary and Foreign Keys
  • Extract Information from a database using the SELECT command
  • CASE, WHERE and ORDER BY clauses
  • Use simple functions (String, Date, Numerical)
  • Deleting and modifying databases and tables
  • Nested sub-queries
  • Group query data with aggregation
  • Using JOIN to connect data from multiple table rows

Python content:
  • Using the interactive Python shell
  • Editing and starting Python scripts
  • Fundamentals: Variables, basic data types and assignments. Operators and expressions.
  • Conditional Statements: The details of the if statement and the conditions
  • Loops: While and for-loops
  • Data Types: Lists, Tuples and Dictionaries
  • Lists and stacks
  • Functions
  • File Handling

    Dieser Kurs findet bei ausreichender Teilnehmerzahl statt. Bitte geben Sie uns unverbindlich ihr Interesse an dieser Perl-Schulung kund.

The fees for this SQL course per day:

Toronto, Canada:
$584 per day (exclusive of HST)
Lake Constance, Hemmenhofen, Germany:
€409 per day (exclusive of VAT)
plus € 98 for full board and lodging in 4 star hotel
Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin (Germany):
€447 per day (exclusive of VAT)
Zurich and Geneva (Switzerland):
£447 per day (exclusive of VAT)

The price of this course includes participation in the seminar and board and lodging in a 4-star hotel located at Lake Constance.
The price comprises:

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